What is Social Media Marketing?

Have you ever wondered what Social media marketing is? Well, in Kenya, companies know better; they know it is a delicate balance between promoting your business and engaging your audience on their interests. It’s not about promoting your sales content to your target audience every time. It’s a channel for creating engaging relationships between brands and customers from a business perspective. Selling through social media isn’t a new wave anymore .Companies are now embracing this type of promotion  to be in a better position to influence the buying decisions of their customers and prospects online

5 Key Elements of Social Media Marketing

  1. Comprehensive Strategy

It’s the formulation and implementation of what you intend to do to achieve your business goals via these social networks. A strategy can be broken down into 3 key parts:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Conversation Analysis

If done correctly gives you an edge over your competitors because you already know what works for them, who your audience is, when they consume content and what is the conversation around your brand. This is an area where majority of small and medium enterprises need help.

2. Content Marketing

It’s the identification your audiences then prepare content by creating, curating, re-purposing and syndication content that resonates with them in formats that they find consumable.

  1. Management

It’s the total Administration of the whole marketing environment that is the people, processes and systems to achieve your business objectives via these communication platforms.

  1. Advertising 

It’s the precision targeting of specific audience with key message that resonates with them and compels them to take action that will enable you achieve your business goal. 

  1. Return on Investment

Its putting up structures that will enable you Measure results of your efforts against a set benchmark. This is your total revenue less your investments divided by revenue times 100% 

6 Promotion Challenges for Marketers

  1. Lack of knowledge

This is because social media changes every day, keeping up with social media while it’s not the only marketing you do but part of the larger marketing strategy you are executing is not easy.

  1. Budget Constraints

Lack of /thin budgets pose challenge to businesses because they can’t use tools that will automate tasks, reduce the steep learning curves and even measure the return on investment. Lack of measurement leads to low or no budget, marketers cannot justify their efforts and budget increase at the revenue table.

  1. Lack of Specialized staff

Many companies and organizations lack qualified internal staff to manage their promotion efforts’. They outsource some of their management services to agencies and contractors who specialize on digital marketing or specifically social media because it’s their core business and they have skills and expertise.

  1. Lack of time

Marketers and business people are overwhelmed by traditional marketing on their plates, additional promotion calls for new strategies, learning new technologies and tools to overcome dynamic changes of social media. Isn’t hard to keep up?

  1. How to measure Return On Investment

Measuring of ROI of marketing effort is a challenge because of lack of access to new tools, effective use of tools and platforms coupled with the ever changing nature of this medium of selling.

  1. How to engage their audience

The key to audience engagement lies in Buyer persona. They are fictionalized characters that you create to enable you try to understand your audience based on the insight you have about them. Creating personas helps in identifying their pain points, uncover what resonates with your audience. You engage with them on their terms while subtly pushing your messages across to overcome their objections and create relationships that enable them buy your goods / services.

How Marketers overcome these challenges:


This is working with external agencies and contractors to leverage on our skills and expertise. 


It’s an opportunity for them to learn and get knowledge about latest and effective digital marketing tools and strategies that have a positive impact on their bottom line.

Acquiring tools

Getting management software that are affordable and they enable the organization achieve aims its another area that’s very challenging because of obsession with vanity metrics there is a need of having tools that will enable the business calculate its Return on Investment. 

Establishing processes

This is who does what using which tools to do what; it’s the sweet spot of between technology and the people how they integrate towards the common aim. 

Are you ready to overcome social media marketing challenges?